Kare Bears

Welcome to Kare Bears website. For those who don’t know this site has absolutely nothing to do with bears and considering kare is spelled with a “K”, it has little to do with caring either. If you’re wondering why it is here, listen up, here comes the story.

There was once an little girl who asked her great uncle to build her a website where she could write stuff and post pictures and drawings and stuff to show her friends. Her great uncle said “that’s a good ideal, what do you want to name it” “Care Bears!” she exclaimed, “I want to name it Care Bears” Her uncle told her Care Bear was already taken and besides there are cartoon characters called the Care Bears. So she said ” how about we spell it with a “K”. So Kare Bears it was, the site was registered and builtĀ and here it is. It has gone through a number of changes and has been hosted on a number of servers but her it is. I think this will be it’s last year. I plan to let it fade into unregistered oblivion.